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Palmetto State Park YRE

Park Entrance.

Walk starts at Refectory.

Ed and Carol heading down to to the river.

San Marcos River

Oxbow Lake.

Trail heading into Ottine.

Warm Spring Hospital.

View from top of hill.

Closeup of the fence and flowers.

Checking for alligators.

Another view of the Oxbow Lake.

Where did the trail go?

Instructions say to pass Little Hill Baptist Church and follow trail under the bridge.

We got distracted at the church. Stay close to the lake on your left and this is the trail!

Artesian ponds created by the CCC.

Passing back by the Refectory for the next part of the walk.

Palmetto Jungle

More Palmettos.

Stagnant Pool.
Mold on tree?

CCC built water tower

Close up of tower.


Carriage Wheel inbedded in tree trunks.

Closer look.

Fungus growing on log.

View of the trail.

River Trail.

Trail closed, we turned around and retraced our route.

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